Lessell Martiny (Marty) Bray Ph.D.
This site represents an overview of my most recent work as an educator.  For a complete history of my work experience please see my Curriculum Vita.
I am a lifelong educator who began his career working with students with special needs.  Since that time I have worked as a media specialist, university professor, and chief technology officer.  My work has taken me from North Carolina, to Indiana, to California, and now Georgia.  My varied roles have come from a need to try to find the best match between my talents and the environment in which I am working.  While much of my work is in the area of educational technology, my background, and especially my doctorate, revolves around learning and cognition. 
My work with a wide variety of students has always led me to seek a variety of instructional techniques which can best meet each student’s unique needs.  One of these, personalized learning, presents a coherent, research based, set of tools which can best address the individual needs of each student.  The more I read about personalized learning to more I find that it is in line with my personal and professional philosophy of education.  Since personalized learning focuses on student ownership of the learning process I believe it can address a number of issues related to student performance, classroom management, and life-long learning which are so important in today’s inclusive educational system.
My family includes my wife, two sons, a daughter, a daughter in-law, and a foster dog.  I am extremely proud of my family and all that they have achieved and will achieve as they seek to “pay it forward.”  Besides serving students, I enjoy hiking, biking, and woodworking.
Below is a link to my full curriculum vita.  You can contact me via email at lessell.bray.gmail.com.